Why do you need traffic film remover?

Traffic film remover is the very best product on the market when it comes to cleaning vehicles which are heavily in use such as buses and coaches. These are vehicles which are used almost every day of the year and often complete a large mileage each week. They need to be cared for in order to be well-maintained, look excellent and be properly cared for. TFR is a highly concentrated solution which cuts through tough dirt and grime. And buses and coaches and similar vehicles pick up a lot of dirt and grime throughout their work in the week and across the weekends.

Traffic film remover is needed because most of the products on the market, which private car owners who drive for personal use utilise, are just not strong enough to clean buses, coaches, tractors and so on.

Our solution is extremely powerful while never causing any damage to your vehicles paintwork, it is highly foaming, more user friendly, cuts through grime quickly, leaves a super wax shine, quick and simple to administer, offers a shiny and – importantly – a streak-free finish, readily biodegradable and economical, gives no unpleasant odour as do some of its competitors and contains no NTA which has been identified as a cause of cancer!

When used correctly and by following the dilution guidelines, our products are incredibly safe to use on your vehicles, causing no immediate or slow-building problems with your vehicle, such as paint damage or metal damage.

Traffic film remover is needed because it is a highly concentrated, and therefore a fast and effective, cleaning solution. It is usually alkaline based. Our Traffic Film Remover is created specifically for use on buses and coaches but it can be used on other vehicles; please just call us to ask for any more details about this. We have a super wax formulation within our concentrated TFR and our new ingredient makes our formula super effective, user-friendly and biodegradable.

As well as all of this, our TFR will clean off the toughest marks and materials such as grease, dust, tar, caked on mud, diesel and petrol, oils, metals picked up whilst in transit including magnetic metals, iron, sulphur and any other heavy or damaging materials which could cause untold problems if not removed quickly and effectively.

Other vehicles other than buses and coaches which would greatly benefit from traffic film removers are:

What Else?

As well as use on vehicles it can also be used to clean machinery that may collect large amount of dirt – for instance tractors and combine harvesters.

Traffic film remover is a versatile cleaner and one which is easily adapted to work for a wide range of vehicles such as plant vehicles, construction vehicles and warehouse vehicles.

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