What is Traffic Film Remover?

Traffic Film Remover is a highly concentrated solution which cuts through the toughest dirt and grime. When it comes to vehicles which are in operation on a daily basis and vehicles which cover miles of road every day, the dirt and grime build up is inevitably thick and difficult to remove. Most of the regular products on the market, which are used by Joe Public on their own private vehicles, are just not able to tackle the substances picked up from the heavy duty exertion which buses and coaches are exposed to.

What is Traffic Film Remover?

Traffic film remover is a highly concentrated, and therefore a fast and effective, cleaning solution which is designed to be used to clean a range of heavy duty vehicles. It is usually alkaline based. Our Traffic Film Remover is created specifically for use on buses and coaches but it can be used on other vehicles; please just call us to ask for any more details about this. We have a super wax formulation within our concentrated TFR and our new ingredient makes our formula super effective, user-friendly and biodegradable.

Our solution is extremely powerful while never causing any damage to your vehicles paintwork, it is highly foaming, more user friendly, cuts through grime quickly, leaves a super wax shine, quick and simple to administer, offers a shiny and – importantly – a streak-free finish, readily biodegradable and economical, gives no unpleasant odour as do some of its competitors and contains no NTA which has been identified as a cause of cancer!

Our Snowstorm TFR solution creates an incredible amount of foam but when it is used through a foam lance or other foam system, Snowstorm produces mousse-like foam which gives your vehicles a luxurious bath. The clingy foam produced increases contact time for the gentle cleansers to work, even on ingrained grime. The foam density increases the contact time, which effectively removes more ingrained grime, as well as leaving a wax shine. For those customers buying their first batch of Snowstorm, we offer a 600mm stainless steel Super Foam Lance with a quick release fitting for £39 (usual price: £110) or a 1,200mm version for £45 (usually £125).

We really do offer superb cleaning for all your vehicles.

Our products come in a range of sized containers including 25litre solutions, 210 litre solutions and 1000 litre solutions.


We use an NTA replacement following the knowledge that NTA is a cause of some cancers. This replacement sets us apart from our competitors which still utilise the more carcinogenic and non-eco-friendly substances. Since NTA was replaced, we have had many customers inform us that they no longer experience any discomfort if they accidentally inhale the TFR. This can occasionally happen, for example, during under chassis washing.

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