How to use traffic film Remover

Traffic Film Remover should really only be used on large vehicles which experience heavy usage such as coaches, buses, machinery such as tractors and other similar motors. TFR can be used on private cars but we would recommend steering well clear of the highly concentrated TFR unless you are requiring it for industrial uses.

To apply the TFR you will need a pressure washer. The pressure washer sprays the solution onto the vehicle you are cleaning. A foam formulates and “sticks” or “grips” onto the vehicle and breaks down the dirt and materials which have been built up.

These materials can be anything – even very heavy and notoriously difficult to remove substances such as tar, metals, iron and sulphur. The user must dilute the TFR to the correct concentration and add the solution to the pressure washer. This way, the solution will be sprayed evenly across the surface of the vehicle.

Little scrubbing is required after the solution has been sprayed and left because the chemicals break down the undesired materials so they are easy to clean off; in fact they often only need washing off with clean water. Despite the fast acting nature of the TFR and the way it breaks down tough dirt and grime, there is no damage caused to the vehicle, its paintwork or the materials of the car if the solution has been diluted correctly.
It is essential that when you use TFR, you ensure the solution is diluted to its precise concentration, in order to avoid damage being caused, or the TFR not being strong enough to make the most impact. TFR can also be used to remove was from your vehicle so you can apply a new layer of wax to your vehicle. This will involve a different concentration level so do check the instructions on the container before use.

There are three terms when it comes to TFR and these are Ready To Use (RTU) Traffic Film Removers, Concentrates and Hyper Concentrates. Industrial use TFR will usually only involve the Hyper Concentrates and these MUST be diluted before being used and applied.

We would advise our customers not to use TFR in direct sunlight or very hot days and strongly encourage you to use lots of clean water on your vehicle before and after using TFR to clean your vehicle.

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