Cleaning tips

  • Invest in great equipment

    Always invest in good quality products and equipment in order to get the best results. Substandard equipment and cleaning products will always result in substandard cleaning. Use good quality cleaning solutions, cloths, wax, chamois cloths and so on.

    Needless to say that we offer a massive range of cleaning materials, tools, equipment and products which can be used to achieve the results you wish to achieve; a fantastic looking vehicle which looks great.

  • Protect Yourself

    It is important to make sure your skin is protected when you clean your vehicle as more than likely you will be using chemical and other solutions in order to clean your car. Use good quality gloves so that your hands are protected as you go about cleaning your vehicle.

  • Many buckets make light work

    Use a new bucket for each part of the motor you are cleaning as you will only make your car dirty if you use the same bucket with dirtied water from one part of the car and then use it for cleaning another; you simply end up spreading the muck.

  • To sponge or not to sponge?

    Do not use sponges on your vehicles bodywork because they store dirt and grit and as you squeeze the sponge, this will stick to your bodywork and keep it dirty rather than cleaning it off.

  • Mirrors & Glass

    Use synthetic chamois cloths in order to avoid leaving streaks on your windows, glass and mirrors.

  • Brush your Wheels

    For great looking wheels, use a brush with stiff bristles in order to get into the gaps in the tread in order to clear out the whole wheel.

  • Hands are often better

    Use your hands to wax your car and apply polish. This means that no streaks are left, there is an even distribution over your car and no damage is caused to the body work or paint work on your vehicle.

  • The difference between polishing and waxing

    There is a very real difference between polishing your vehicle and waxing your vehicle. As the names, or rather the cleaning products, suggest, waxing gives a barrier layer which protects the bodywork and paint work of your vehicle and polishing provides a glossy and shiny appearance to your car, making it gleam and shine.

  • Clean your car in the right place

    It is no good cleaning your car if it is set to rain that day or if it is very windy in autumn as both will cause your car to stay dirty and you’ll end up fighting the elements. Leaves and bits of debris will stick to your car on windy autumnal days and on rainy days you will just have to finish cleaning half way through your cleaning time!

  • Sunny day haze

    Remarkable as this may sound, if you are cleaning your car on a very hot or sunny day then do so in the shade; not only does this prevent you from getting burnt but it also means your car wont streak as the cleaning products would dry too quickly for you to rub them into the car, or wash them off the car quickly enough.

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