Chemical Products


There are a wide number of chemicals which are included within the traffic film removers. Each one is required in order to produce the fantastic clean our TFR products give.

These chemicals come together and produce incredible cleaning power which cuts through some of the thickest and heaviest grime and muck.

Our products are developed to be able to be used for all needs and requirements in the transport industry which we create our products for.

We have developed traffic film removers which come in mousse a format and which foam up when used. We do this because the foam expands and covers your vehicle evenly and thoroughly so no part of the vehicle is left untouched by the cleaning product. Also, because foam is a clingy substance, it remains in contact with your vehicle for a longer period of time so that it offers a better attack on the dirt and grime
Our Snowstorm TFR Maxi Mousse comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 25litres through to the massive 1000litre containers we supply.

We also offer a traffic film remover with an additional and rather – if we do say so ourselves – super wax formulation which gives the user a fantastic rinsing ability. This also comes in a range of container sizes.

One of our superior products is our ultra super green traffic film remover. This is formed with a double strength and therefore is a highly effective traffic film remover whilst also managing to be a super green eco friendly formulation.
Constantly updating our fantastic solutions has ensured we have remained a very competitive position within the marketplace. We provide some of the richest and most concentrated solutions available in terms of the amount of water softener, rinsing agent, foaming agent and other cleaning chemicals they contain.

All members of our sales team carry a refract meter, which is used to measure the composition of cleaning fluids on a microscopic level.

MD Jenny says, “When we show people our products on a microscopic scale, they’re usually surprised to find they have so much more cleaning agent in them, sometimes twice or three times as much as whatever it is they are currently using. This is a real selling point for us and it’s what separates our TFRs and chemicals from others. Also, our products are a lot nicer to use, with less caustic substances in. Once they try us, they often become a full and long lasting customer.”
The cleaning solutions are continuously updated. We continually conduct research into new and improved technologies and sciences to ensure our cleaning solutions offer the very best results your money can buy. Our team is committed to this cause and we are all passionate about providing our customers with the means to keep their business running at its optimum; and part of that is for them to offer their services in sparkling and well maintained vehicles.

Our sales representatives keep in regular contact with our clients’ opinions and requirements for PCV washing. This is so that we can match the requirements of our customers at every level. In fact, since the company began, the main products’ formulae have been improved six times; always in an effort to satisfy customer demand.

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