Are Traffic Film Removers safe to use?

The short and succinct answer to this question is that TFRs are very safe to use as long as they are used correctly and to the correct dilution level relevant for your particular vehicle.

Are traffic film removers safe to use?

As traffic film removers are designed to remove thick and heavy materials and substances from heavily used vehicles, they do contain a large volume of chemical solution within them. These chemicals can easily damage your vehicle if they are not used in the correct way. It is imperative that people who wish to use Traffic Film Removers read the instructions very carefully and stick to the dilution guidelines strictly in order to avoid any damage to their vehicles. That said, when instructions have been followed and the remover has been diluted correctly, our customers are always incredibly pleased with the results which our traffic film removers offer.

What is more is that we do not have any toxic chemicals present in our products. The presence of such chemicals almost always indicates a sub-quality product and these chemicals are much more likely to cause damage and problems for the vehicle they are being used upon. This damage may not be noticed immediately, but over time these chemicals are very likely to negatively affect paintwork at the very least.

We would advise our customers not to use TFR in direct sunlight or very hot days and strongly encourage you to use lots of clean water on your vehicle before and after using TFR to clean your vehicle.


We use an NTA replacement following the knowledge that NTA is a cause of some cancers. This replacement sets us apart from our competitors which still utilise the more carcinogenic and non-eco-friendly substances. Since NTA was replaced, we have had many customers inform us that they no longer experience any discomfort if they accidentally inhale the TFR. This can occasionally happen, for example, during under chassis washing.

One of our best-selling products overall is our TFR Ultra concentrated pressure wash additive. The solution is designed to be powerful, yet kind to paintwork, and boast unreservedly about its ability to deliver a shiny, streak-free finish. As well as being biodegradable, we believe it the ‘greenest’ TFR on the market. Instead of the Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA) traditionally used in TFRs, which is a carcinogenic, we have sourced an alternative from Sweden and hold the exclusive supply of this substance.

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