About Us

About JennyChem

We are an industrial chemicals and cleaning solutions company which has been in operation for more than 25 years. As such, we have an authoritative and influential command of the marketplace, being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Started by one woman in the Thatcher era, the company has expanded to a 17-strong staff force which includes the founder, her brother and her father.

Who are we?

We create cleaning products which are targeted to the bus and coach industry and we do so with skill, aptitude and excellence. Managing Director Jenny Callen set up the company with the support of her father who at the time manufactured chemical cleaning products for the dairy and bakery industries. He developed the initial formula, being an industrial chemist and the company has gone from strength to strength since. We are dedicated to our marketplace and strive to provide the very best products available to the transport industry. We have already improved our product six times and adapt to the changing needs of our clients, whom we spend time with to gauge their requirements.We also continually conduct research into new and improved technologies and sciences to ensure our cleaning solutions offer the very best results your money can buy. Our team is committed to this cause and we are all passionate about providing our customers with the means to keep their business running at its optimum; and part of that is for them to offer their services in sparkling and well maintained vehicles.


Based in Snodland in Kent, we have grown from our original facility in Rochester as we outgrew it. Now we own a site which accommodates both the office and the factory and is also situated next door to our courier; ideal for our next day delivery service and another major benefit we can offer our clients. This is an added extra which is often taken advantage of and one which our clients comment about again and again.

Since moving to the Snodland site we have been offering our clients the opportunity of delivering any order they have the next day if they complete the purchase before 5pm the day before. This is our rapid response delivery but we also offer a 48hour service as well. Our customers are never left waiting more than two days before they receive their goods.

Why choose us?

  • One stop-shop

    From our fantastic site, we produce a full range of Traffic Film Removers (TFR) and other bus and coach cleaning solutions, for use both for the exterior and interior of our clients’ vehicles. We also supply the hardware required, from pressure washers to brushes, mops to scrapers. We even provide work wear and janitorial solutions for depots and offices.

    These extra items, which are stocked from other manufacturers, now form part of our catalogue after we were asked by our clients to offer these items. We strive to listen to the needs of our customers and adjust our business accordingly. After all, our clients keep our business running so it’s vital we are in tune with the ever growing and changing needs within the transport industry. In essence, our aim is to be the one-stop shop for ALL transport cleaning requirements.

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  • Customer Service

    Our 17-strong staff are all highly trained and continually encouraged and equipped in dealing with our clients in a polite manner. They ALWAYS listen to customers and respond accordingly. They are professional, respectful, approachable and passionate about providing a service which is truly second to none.

    In fact, because we hold customer satisfaction in such high regard we arrange holidays are arranged so that nobody is away during the period from mid-September to December because this period of time is when work becomes particularly intense as operators stock up on cleaning products in preparation for winter weather. It is not just cleaning products that sell well at this time but another popular item in the colder months is BlueStar De-Icer.

    One of our best-selling products overall is our TFR Ultra concentrated pressure wash additive. The solution is designed to be powerful, yet kind to paintwork, and boast unreservedly about its ability to deliver a shiny, streak-free finish. As well as being biodegradable, we believe it the ‘greenest’ TFR on the market. Instead of the Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA) traditionally used in TFRs, which is a carcinogenic, we have sourced an alternative from Sweden and hold the exclusive supply of this substance.

  • Questions & Queries

    We welcome any questions or queries from our customers or potential customers and are only too happy to be of assistance, whether that is advising on the best product for your needs, arranging large orders or offering our specialist knowledge.

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